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not much to me really I draw and am thinking about writing stories. ^_^

I do commissions (free due to my beginner art skill) and trade art if you want. Please no adult requests yet.

species Red Fox with grey underbelly
gender male from Louisiana, USA
loves Alligator, Canine, Feline likes Cuddling, Domination/Submission, Musk tolerates Vore (soft) hates Alien, Death, cutting
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Latest Journal posted 02 Jan 2013

So this is what it feels like to be used... It hurts... bad. I feel like I'm not worth anything. I understand how a broken toy feels when it is tossed aside and ignored. I understand what it feels like to have one-sided affection for someone who will only use you. I've felt that feeling of love even for a person who expresses disgust for your kind and commits the hypocrisy of using you again and again even convincing and at times taking advantage of you. I know the feeling of just being a receptacle for their pent up lust. I met him as a friend and we hung out from time to time he's straight so it was hands off, but he made the first move and it esclated every time we met from then on. Every time after any of you 'actions' he would treat me like shit shoving me and treating me like he disliked me but in private his lies flowed like honey and obscured his atrocities towards me. I know now that I can't trust people like him now. Never again will I trust such a person that has a second face that will only rea...

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The Life of a Lost Dream
by aurafang    2 years ago    


Roguefever 11 months ago
I finally continued something I wrote ages ago! ;___;...
Luxikam 1 year ago
Thanks for the watch ^_^
aurafang 1 year ago
no problem and sorry about taking so long to respond school sucked the life out of me XI
Clark-Henry-the-8th 1 year ago
Thanks for the shout, dearie! Now I really want to finish the next section for you!
Roguefever 1 year ago
Thanks for the Fave, it's good to be writing again :3
aurafang 1 year ago
Not a problem I hope there will be more it was really good
Thanks for the watch.
Mirron Tenshi 1 year ago
Ok, first off, thank you for the watch. Second, please tell me how you did that KH: BBS banner!
aurafang 1 year ago
Well I backed my PSP to my laptop and the computer file had the image I formatted it to the size they rquested and presto awesome banner!!! :3 and no prob I love healing love and I love tigers... *murrs*
rocko wallaby 1 year ago
PS: Love alfredo ;)
aurafang 1 year ago
Dear glob, yes I have a person who shares my love :D
Rakuen Growlithe 1 year ago
Grateful for the watch.
aurafang 1 year ago
No biggie I like your stories
Ikato 1 year ago
Thanks for watching :3
aurafang 1 year ago
No problem :P
Clark-Henry-the-8th 1 year ago
Thanks for the watch, hun! I'll try to get the next bit up for you sooner than later!
aurafang 1 year ago
Your welcome I love your stories!!!