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My name is faith I live in B.C Canada I am a multi tailed fox/husky hybrid i have sapphier eyes, baby blue white and purple fur witch is the sofest fur in the world. Im 19 years old i live in British Columbia canada and ive been a furry my whole life. Im a writer, artist, musican, singer and a really smart guy.


species morphing multi tailed kitsune hybrid
gender female
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Latest Journal posted 12 Nov 2013

hey everyone hows it goin? sorry i haven't uploaded anything in the past year or so ive just been dealing with a lot of stuff. anyways what would you guys like me to start posting?? feel free to message me and let me know :) thanks guys


Reiner55 10 months ago
HI man i watch you a good artist if you still need commsions contact me !!my da
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Thank you <3
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