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Latest Journal posted 05 Dec 2012

Hey folks. Thought I'd share an awesome sketching video from a year ago for my fellow artists:

There's a lot that can be learned here - especially if you don't already follow FZD school of design. Mr. Zhu is a master of the form in every sense of the word, and an idol of mine in terms of art as a profession.

This episode focuses on refining your initial thumbnail/sketch to a polished state while keeping those initial marks intact. I see a lot of sterile/vectorized art on FA and other furry sites (mine included), and I thought sharing something like this would be relevant to artists who may want to experiment with their process.



joenarianBlessed 1 year ago
I like your art. You draw many curves, yet you like tight corners. Also, the colors you give to your artwork act as a backup to the story you are trying to tell. Balance or discord? That is the question. I finish with what I started: I like your art.
Tuke 1 year ago
I appreciate the complement, thank you so much ^^
Phage 1 year ago
I rather enjoy you're art.
Thought you'd like to know it. ^_\\\

Tuke 1 year ago
Always glad to hear, thank you so much <3
Phage 1 year ago
You're very welcome.
Consider me a watcher. =]
Silverwolf626 1 year ago
Just opened up an account on here. :P Someone suggested it a while back in PM at IB. Glad to see you're here too XD
Tuke 1 year ago
Good to see you :)
Thekingofcrocodiles 1 year ago
When and where do you do your streams? D:
I'd like to sit in on one sometime.
Tuke 1 year ago
I've only been advertising the streams on Inkbunny and Fur Affinity ;)
Tuke 1 year ago
But I will change that! I hope to see you there sometime <3
Thekingofcrocodiles 1 year ago
Well if i ever manage to catch the batsignal, i'll be there ;3
Toumal 1 year ago
Really love your art! Glad you're here!
Tuke 1 year ago
Whoa, the founder himself!
I really appreciate that. Thank you so much <3
generalbunbun 1 year ago
Sup. seen a link that Felix Tile the Cat provided on FA in regards to your Frisky Vixen comic and i must say thus far its looking awesome. ^^_
Tuke 1 year ago
Much appreciated ^^
Asa fox 1 year ago
I thought it was a shame you didn't have more fans. You're pretty good at that art thing ^^
Tuke 1 year ago
You're very kind, thank you <3
Asa fox 1 year ago
Anytime :3
Tycser 1 year ago
Your art is amazing, I'm eagerly waiting for more! Well done!
Tuke 1 year ago
Thank you so much <3
Felix Tile the cat 1 year ago
Tuke is the Shiznit!
Tuke 1 year ago
Right back at ya' my man ;)
EiksQuestionMark 1 year ago
Man, I really wish you'd set up an FA as well, and upload this amazing art there.