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I don't really care to ta- Yeah, you know all that bullshit. I like to talk about myself, bput because I didn't quite fit into the description of myself that I wanted to fit into, so I've began to change, both here and IRL, so here goes, but more honest this time. I'm a white hat*, cypherpunk, ska-punk, jackal wannabe. And yeah, I kinda ditched cha0s as a character around a month ago, so no wings this time. My favorite bands ar- yeah, you probably don't give a shit, but if you're wondering, Wednesday Night Heroes, Rancid, Minor Threat, and Broadcast Zero. I can manipulate pictures fairly well, but I can't really draw, so no postable content for art here. Not much else to say really.

species Side-Striped Jackal
gender male
loves Anatomically Correct, Canine, Fox likes Gray Fox, Indie/Rock, white fox tolerates Lycanthrope, Mythological Creature, Non-anthro hates Bovine, Foxtaur, Wolftaur
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Latest Journal posted 26 Dec 2013

that I will write tonight. That is all.

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Maug's Song
by Jackyll    2 years ago    


alexeagle 2 months ago
Jackyll 2 months ago
Sup? I'd check out WTAS in the off topic ramblings part of the forums. They're a cool bunch, mostly.
Jackyll 2 months ago
Wow, I suck at replying to these...
Maugrim the great 4 months ago
Maugrim the great 6 months ago
Hi buddy
Jackyll 6 months ago
raithian 7 months ago
Was it the STK comics by Shoan the kozo? Lol only comic I can think of being in Also keep an eye on her in the future, might be seeing a renewel of the series =o
Jackyll 7 months ago
That was exactly it! :3 Although I never read past the part where you broke the raccoon in half.
Da-Furs 1 year ago
thanks for the fav ^^
Depends on you diffinition of get along
madkitten24 1 year ago
aww thank you baby
Mr.Ryan 1 year ago
hey sexy
Sungod 1 year ago
meow o3o