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About Nixy_Chan
I'm here for friends, and like minded Furries. I'm pretty easy going and am a big nerd. species Wolf Welsh Corgi Hybrid
gender female from talk to me, you may find out, USA
loves 70s, Akita, Anatomically Correct hates Anal vore, B-snakes, BBW
6 submissions 4,896 page views 67 comments received 43 comments posted 2,456 profile views
Latest Journal posted 26 Aug 2013
So as the title says I'm looking for either local Utah Furs or ones I can text or Skype to play a game of D&D, I can DM or someone else can, it's not a big deal, but I do REALLY really want to play again. So message me here if you are interested :D please only serious furs I don't want to set up a whole world and have people flake out. Thanks!! This corgi is OUT!!!

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by Nixy_Chan    2 years ago    
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Johnnaman 3 months ago
Merry Christmas! :D
Mr.Ryan 1 year ago
Johnnaman 1 year ago
*pokepoke* ^-^
novastar 1 year ago
husky shout! HOOAH! coooorrrgiiiii!
OxnartFox 1 year ago
heya phoe, it's me... I have yet to add much to the site lol
Mr.Ryan 1 year ago
hey smexy
Shame_King 2 years ago
I'd ask your skype name but I'm just a perve so i'll leave it up to you :P
Nixy_Chan 2 years ago
Your more then welcome to Skype me, just look u my name here lol
Shame_King 2 years ago
but i have a feeling you wear a shirt / bra when skyping
Nixy_Chan 2 years ago
I always wear clothes when i Skype lol i dont really do much besides shower naked. lol sorry to bust your bubble... besides that i look like a hideous mess naked. you dont wanna see it.
Shame_King 2 years ago
I figured as much but think you give yourself too little credit. If you want to give it more of a try be sure to let me know. I'd love to get an eyeful :P
ubertech 2 years ago
Hi new friend!
Nixy_Chan 2 years ago
Hey Tech how ya been??
ubertech 2 years ago
doing good, you?
Nixy_Chan 2 years ago
thats good, im alright just cold and bored lol need more friends on Skype
ubertech 2 years ago
aww, I have Skype but I am never online with it. do you have any other IMs?
Nixy_Chan 2 years ago
I have yahoo im
Stallion_Black 2 years ago
Hi... *blows kiss* PM me if you ever wanna talk.
Nixy_Chan 2 years ago
Awe your gonna make me blush
chineseshell 2 years ago
Thanks for visiting my page! xD