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Hey guys,

just wanna let you know I've changed my user name to Zennith from Zennith Mehathvin as of 2010.05.13. You don't have to do anything, as all watches and faves have automatically transferred over. Just wanna let you know to avoid confusion. I did this in order to make my user name a lot more eye friendly... and less rediculously huge. This will be especially useful for those of you who prefer to type in directly in the address bar.

species dragon
gender male
loves Dragon, Kiwi, Latex likes Anal vore, Bodypaint, Bondage hates Babyfur
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Latest Journal posted 26 Sep 2012

I've just finished installing a new SSD I juuuust got. It's absolutely screaming and makes me slightly giddy. Photoshop opens in less than 4 seconds, web browsing somehow became instantanous, and opening a file in any program is faster than a blink of an eye. The drive 'data transfer rate' on the windows experience index is a 7.6 out of the 7.9. Zoooommmmm. XD

Much better than the old hard drive, which was starting to slow down and made me think it was nearing failure, especially given it was a Hitachi "Death"Star. I've had an HD fail on me before (though data was backed up, so no data loss), so I took the seemingly similar slow-down seriously, and also used it as an excuse to get a bit of a treat. Wooooo.

Samsung 830 SSD, 512GB.

*doppler effect zenny* o.-.o

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Io 3 months ago
May you & yours have a Merry Christmas & the best wishes of this coming New Year! XP
Io 5 months ago
Happy Halloween! now were is my treat? XP
Serathin 6 months ago
Very true good dragon sir!
BobbyTigre 9 months ago
thx for da watch!
Kuney 9 months ago
Thanks for the watch~
Steel Phoenix 1 year ago
hehe should of watched you on here long ago ^^
LeiLani 1 year ago
You draw adorable otters. *^^*
Zennith 1 year ago
Thaaaanks! ^.-.^
AntoineRalic01 1 year ago
hello there
Zennith 1 year ago
Mrawrrrr? Hi :3
Dracokon 1 year ago
Hehe, thanks for enjoying my story hun. x3 *hugs*
Zennith 1 year ago
Yupyup! Thanks for posting it : >
Saphire Soulless 1 year ago
hi zenni!!!
Zennith 1 year ago
Haha, hiii. Sup!
Saphire Soulless 1 year ago
how are you!
Zennith 1 year ago
haha, good. keepin busy! you?
Saphire Soulless 1 year ago
im doing the same man. struggling but busy.