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species Tiger/panter
gender female
loves Anime, Anthro, Bovine likes Albino, Avian, Clean tolerates Androgynous, Bisexual, Cunt Boy hates further confusion, joykill
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Latest Journal posted 13 Nov 2012

the heavens have emptied their septic tank on me tonight.

Driving home from work, I had a tree slide off the embankment next to the road in front of me. Now, I ain't a Fast and the Furious kind of driver, but i'll be damned if I didnt feel like one at that second.

I swerved, doing everything I could to miss that tree. I was almost in the clear, but my back passenger tire caught the end f the tree. It went up and over and when I came down I cracked and bent my rim. Jarred me pretty good too.

*sighs softly* things were looking up too. I was headed for my own apartment, I would have had my own place. I have stable employment, a running car, a place of my own and even time and money to spare. I'm a good college student. I'm a hard worker.

Why right then? Why did that tree come at me? Why not the guy in the huge truck in front of me? Or the dude in the sports car half a mile back?

Now im going to be up all night, finding a new tire and rim. There goes all the money...

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