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About Invidentia
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Invidentia, a 19 year old fox caught in a series of traumatizing life event has rendered him to live on his own, both his physical and emotional anomolies are almost entirely healed because of how long ago these things were, however he has always caught wearing a lense on his left eye because his eye is severly deficient from birth, he was born with this unlikily curse. He has grown and developed an obsession with technology. Often because he is always tinkering with A lense he created, allowing him to see clearly out of his defficient eye. He has only taken his lense off for times that require it, or with those he trusts deeply. (But has never had the oprotunity.) he is obsessed with the concept of developing technological advances and helpful tools for himself or the benefit of others in the world.

Is Often caught wearing dark colored jeans with white bleach stains or stains from aqueous/liquid compounds or elements on them and is rarely caught wearing a shirt.

His obsession with technology is often dependent on chemestry. Obsessed with building and tinkering hes nearly always working on inventing new reactions and searching for elements to use in his advances. He is very kind, but extremly shy and doesnt allow himself to open to many people. He often finds himself to find another he can be with and study in similar fields, helping him master his incomplete inventions, but he finds himself always trying to clear his mind in the hopes of focus
His parents were taken away from him by a hidden system in his pre-teenage years, his dad and brother, taken away as soldiers in the war, and his mother taken away without a known fate to him. He is certain of his Father and brothers death because the war was long gone, and for those fighting on their own side, perished. He is often using his technological advances to finally invent something that can at least give him the hope of finding his mother once again. He was raised entirly by himself after this, even living in imense poverty in these times in his life, but was lucky he was of an old enough age to take care of himself. This secret force he is still searching for left him, and did not take him like the other boys because he wouldnt be able to function as a soldier with most of his sight disabled. (Not inventing he lens until he was 16.)

Aside from that long and slightly depressing backstory, Hi!! :D

Name : Invidentia (Invid for short)

Age : 19

Species : Arctic Fox

Fur Color : White (Hence the "Arctic") with distinctive purple somewhat glowing markings along his back and arms.

Hair : Black and spiky, (few strands barely over his almost entirely blind eye)

Hieght : 6'1

Eye color : A bright and vibrent green

Tail : Fluffy, but long, has purple markings running along to the tip

Physicallity : Quite skinny, but Toned

Clothing : Rarely caught with a shirt, but usually wearing stained black jeans (work in chemistry is not good for your clothes.)

If there is anything else you want to know about me, just ask! i'll always reply :D
species Arctic Fox
gender male from Canada
loves Anal, Cuddle, femboy likes Crossdressing, Hypnosis, Teasing hates vore
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