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Meh. I'll try to do stuff, but lately I've loved writing, mainly because i have a project with a friend on it. Textplus is STEELVALOR if interested. Dunno what else to say. species Wolf
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Latest Journal posted 17 Mar 2012

Wierd.  Or is it Weird?  Crap.  Anyways, Is this somesort of blog?  If yes, here's where I'll be most active prolly.  I dunno.  Lately, I've been writing a crap ton of "pansy" writings, and I've been posting at, if anyone would be intrested in reading my noobish attempts at poetry.

But yeah.  School sucks, looking forward to moving to Houston, Finishing Highschool at a place with actual clubs and such makes me a tad bit excited, and Ztuh is going to be updated tonight, again, if anyone cares.  Oh, and the Fred show, is THE single second dumbest thing on television.  Not as bad as MTV as a whole, but worse than adult swim.  Oh, and for anyone who cares, I might be posting art soon, or something.  I dunno.


Look forward to something more intelligently written in the future.

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