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About AnonEmis

Hello there,

My name is AnonEmis, but you can call me Anon for short. I am a writer and what I'd like to do is perfect my "talent" thorugh SoFurry and get to know the community. 

Now, for some personal info, just in case some of you were curious. I was initially nervous about putting info about me here, but you guys have been great so far:

I am a 24 year-old guy who is happily "mated" I guess, with my wonderful boyfriend <3

In real life, I am an engineering technician for a fortune 500 company, which is frikkin' awesome by the way. Plus, I'm putting together my first manuscript to submit to publishers and maybe become a legit author. (My Cool Story Bro.)

Some of my interests and passions are Pokemon, politics, sparring (10 years!), literature, and all things furry of course.

I'm a very friendly and bubbly sorta person, so feel free to comment, shout, or PM me if you have feedback or if you want to chat. (: So please take a look at my stories and enjoy. If you like what you see, a watch would be very awesome!

Now for some other info.

When commissions and requests are concerned, I'm not doing any commisions for money, as I don't trust paypal or the like. Requests have an open ear, so to speak, and all you have to do is PM me.

I will write just about anything EXCEPT:

Incest, underage, scat, watersports, and vore. No offense is intended, these are just my personal preferences.

All in all, enjoy my stories and I hope you'll stay awhile. (:

gender male from British Columbia, Canada
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Latest Journal posted 29 Aug 2012

Hello there,

Firstly, I want to say I have a Fur Affinity account now!  I'm under the same name, AnonEmis and I would love it and be grateful if you would watch me there. (That sounds so weird, but that's okay!) I thought it best to start networking and try to get more exposure. As for the content uploaded to that account, I might be uploading some of my other furry stories there that will be exclusive to my account on FA. Don't worry, The Rift is still going to be uploaded regularily here (:

And another thing, the Expendables 2 is the best movie I have ever seen. That is all.

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GlaceonX 2 years ago
Awwrzies~ X3

Thaanks~~ In that case, I hope I can keep making content that meets your expectations..~ ^^

Thankies for all the compliments... I'm flattered.... X3 I honestly think my art isn't... Well.. Good XD
GlaceonX 2 years ago
Naaah, not at all! It's only fair! XP

Omg I am forever in your debt... My third watch YIPEE! XPPP lolol Thanks!!!!! ^^

Jasonafex 2 years ago
Thanks for the fav' bud!
GlaceonX 2 years ago
OMG <3 Thanls fur the watch hun! ^^
Achelladuega 2 years ago
Thanx for the fav.
Avia Jiutai 2 years ago
You're very welcome, my friend. ^_^
Avia Jiutai 2 years ago
Thank you very much for the watch. ^_^
Alex Kitsune 2 years ago
wow :D
A few minutes after I post it and I get a new watcher?
Thank you very much ^.^
blindeagle 2 years ago
Thanks for the 5/5 and favorite :)
samfur 2 years ago
thanks for the 5/5, watch, favorite, friend request and anything else im forgetting, you gave me a reason to keep posting