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Hi, thanks for visiting my page. ^.=.^

Feel free to chat me up. I have AIM, YIM, and MSN. I'm usually open for an RP but I do enjoy chatting a bit before "yiffing".

Also, yes I am a Christian. If you have a problem with it, you can fuss if you want but you'd just be wasting your time.

I'm a techie. I love computers, and video games. ESPECIALLY video games. When I'm not working, one of my main hobbies is hacking video game consoles.
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Latest Journal posted 29 Sep 2010

K so I finally figured out how to do this journal thing...


Anyways, honestly I'm suprised I haven't seen any art of some of the new god forms on Guitar Hero 6.  Especially this one.

She's an anthro snake girl for christs sake.  And a very beautiful one at that.  Yet I haven't found any art of her on here, FA, e621, or rule34.


I'm not upset or anything, but i would like to see some art of this girl.  Maybe someone could help me search, or heck if any of you are artists you could draw some naughty pics and post them up.  ^^


I might want to comission someone to do a pic of my character with her...


Reii the Pegasus 4 months ago
Ha a dragon and most of his profile stuff is ponies! That is a hoof flailing awesome brony!!! Plus no shouts in two years?! That is lame so I had to fix that.
DracoAzule 4 months ago
Hah, thanks! I don't come here a lot.
Blitzkrieg the Dragon 2 years ago
Brohoof, dude!
BlackwingDragon 2 years ago
Still looking for a dom >=3 ?
AmmieCat 3 years ago
Thanks for Watching! <3 Have a wonderful day ^^
TigerBanana 3 years ago
So I herd you is a bitch.
Ghost Nappa 3 years ago
He's a -Prison- bitch, Vegeta! Ghost Nappa, away!
Chibi Tiger 3 years ago
Hi. Welcome to Wal*Mart.
Jessie Shadowhold 3 years ago
hay, just wondering if you were going to keep the super hero RP's going. I was hoping that they didn't die, so I put up an extremely long post on the Vigilante one...
matt-the-mutt 3 years ago
Thank you for the coment, really makes me feel welcome :3
-sigh- 4 years ago
I is stalking u...hehehe ^^

o and my fone is dead right now sooo... yeah.
Murphy Z 4 years ago
You posted that Tim and Eric video about "sitting on you" a while ago. I like them too.
DracoAzule 4 years ago
Ohhh ok XD

Yea. They're funny in their own stupid, random way XD