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So... I am 21 years old and living in West Virginia... My goal is to be an author so yeah =). I am a big fan of Werewolfs which are way cooler then vampire's (definitly cooler then the sparkling ones...) And one day I hope to get my stories published... (Hey if Meyer could get her mediocure series published I guess there is a chance)

I am currently working on two different Stories... One is Beauty and the Werewulf (BatW for short) which is a M/F story with well... Werewolves XD it's also a continuation of sorts from CrownedClown's story Werewulf... The Original 12 published chapters are still up but I'm also working on a reboot which is in it's own folder...

My Second story is Half-Blood a M/M story... It's my main focus now and I plan on it being a long runner... the story was inspired by the story Spirit-Bound by Plainwalk who I admire greatly and helps me with the story (He also get's first dibs on the story as well... even before my editor) 

I'm also starting work on a Collab with Nex_Canis which I got the first chapter done... It will be a series following different books but we'll see how it goes as it's very much in it's rudemintary stages... 

There are stories I would gladly recommend... the first of course would be Werewulf which ties in heavily with BatW in later chapters... also refrences will be made throughout the story...

The Second would be the story Spirit-Bound (which is over a whomping 80 chapters long) It is what inspired me to start Half-Blood... and is a very good read... 

The third is the Jason Wulfe, Reaper and 3rd Arc series all by Nex_Canis... Which all take place in a sort of 'expanded universe' which the Collab will also take part in... We'll that's my profile... oh and I would love to thank Ruth of Pern who serves as my editor for both BatW and HB

species Arctic Fox
gender male from Freeman WV, USA
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Latest Journal posted 01 Jan 2014

hope y'all have a great year!

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DarkLotus 1 year ago
love the beauty and werewulf story cant wait for the next chapter
Sveargeith 1 year ago
yay! it works now. thanks. herp-derp
Artwolf5 1 year ago
Well that's good =) be sure to comment
smiddy 1 year ago
could you send me a link to the missing chapters of half-blood because my account refuses to allow me to see anything after chapter 9. T.T
Artwolf5 1 year ago
All chapters after 9 are marked adult (and chapter 17 is marked extreme) so try and change your settings... =) hope that helps
smiddy 1 year ago
could i give you my login information and have you do that for me because i have gone through the settings page so many times to do just what you said and I can't find out how to do it for the life of me.T.T i fail at life itself.-_-
Artwolf5 1 year ago
No you shouldn't give me your log-in info... But I can tell you how to find it..

Go to Settings and click on the tab called Advanced Preferences and go to Account there should be a thing that will allow you to fix it... =) it's called Content level

Or just check under account there should be a tab called Content Level change to extreme
smiddy 1 year ago
my laptop officially fails at it's existence because it wont let me see the "Content level" thingy..... :D this blows, heh.
Artwolf5 1 year ago
You could send me your info via PM but be sure to change your password how old are you? if you're under 18 it might not let you
BlueWolfman 1 year ago
your stories are really great and they just only get better!!!
Redfawkes 1 year ago
Hey, I really like your stories! Hope you keep on writing for a long time!
Hammerfist 1 year ago
Hello! I visited your profile and saw that you are a West Virginian. I used to live in Charleston, but I haven't been back too much since going to college. I think the closest I've ever been to Freeman is Beckley, but finding other WV persons is rare enough I thought it justified to comment.
plainwalk 2 years ago
Thanks for the watch and the fav. Welcome to SoFurry, too!