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Latest Journal posted 16 Jan 2013

Hey folks. To those who have been reading my story, so sorry for the looong wait, i've finally completed chapter 12, and i pray that i can make time to upload more chapters. Again sorry for the wait.

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ClockworkSable 1 year ago
Thanks for watch+fave and stuff!
Flameling 1 year ago
Thanks for reading, glad you liked it!
502nickster 1 year ago
Your welcome. I hope you would read my story and hope that you will enjoy them.
Kmlrock 1 year ago
I've really enjoyed An Umbreon Quest, Just recently finished Ch.11, Definitely want to see more. :)
502nickster 1 year ago
Hehe thank you very much! Next chapter might come out on tuesday perhaps.
devben98 1 year ago
just keep writing those fursona stories.
it's like your specialitiy.
devben98 1 year ago
Your fursona story is one of the best I ever read and I read several.
502nickster 1 year ago
OMG! Thank you very much!! That really means a lot to me ^.^
Flameling 1 year ago
Thanks for watching!
502nickster 1 year ago
Sure thing ^.^
Alex Kitsune 1 year ago



I know, it isn't Chinese, but still ^.^
502nickster 1 year ago
Then you should know that I don't understand it. 是不是你写给你一个华信
502nickster 1 year ago
Ok,haha. I'm writing up the next chapter now :)
LucarioFan692 1 year ago
*walks over and throws a pie in your face*
"tag your it"
*Runs away*
"And no tag backs*
502nickster 1 year ago
*As pie is about to hit my face, it glows blue. Amadea the Espeon used psychic, placed the pie on the floor and began to feast on the pie* Thanks for the pie
LucarioFan692 1 year ago
Yeah, Arada hit me and I guess I was supposed to pass it on
502nickster 1 year ago
The I guess the trail stops here ^.^
Alex Kitsune 2 years ago
Happy Easter!!
LucarioFan692 2 years ago
Thanks for the watch!
502nickster 2 years ago
Your Welcome ^.^ I hope that you would read my story, though not completed yet and I Hope you will enjoy it