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species Bequo (Gorilla-like creature)
gender male from Sanford, USA
loves Hypnosis, Mindlink, Morphing 27 submissions 18,661 page views 6 comments received 29 comments posted 1,077 profile views
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Eben Black 1 year ago
Lovin' that big red sexy ape :P me want, me like x
chineseshell 1 year ago
Has a story about Corbel ever been made? He's so sexy. :p
RedApeGuy 1 year ago
I haven't yet, but I plan to. I'm just lazy. UoU
Garracuda 2 years ago
I found a hot ape!!
Lokan 2 years ago
Ooo... a sexy red ape :) Very nice.

And thank you for faving "Want to play strip rugby?" I'm glad you liked it :)
chineseshell 2 years ago
Axort 2 years ago
haha hey there :D
RedApeGuy 2 years ago
Hello there! Welcome to this site!
floppity 2 years ago
Thanks fer watching. :3
RedApeGuy 2 years ago
Oh hey you can reply to shouts! I just now realized that.
floppity 2 years ago
DA actually has that too. All sites should have it.
Xantouke 2 years ago
Corb! 8U
RedApeGuy 2 years ago
Hello there! Just realized you could reply to shouts!
Xantouke 2 years ago
:'D yes you can. How are youuu?
RedApeGuy 2 years ago
Doing great! How about you?
Xantouke 2 years ago
I'm doing good, thank you~ x3
Forge 2 years ago
RedApeGuy 2 years ago
Fusion_BullH0ss 2 years ago
Haha while your here upload things! :D
RedApeGuy 2 years ago
I did! Also just realized you could reply to shouts!
Fusion_BullH0ss 2 years ago
I didnt either till a while ago lol