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Just a fur artist who likes role-plays and stuffs species Angel Black Vampiric Domestic Feline / A house cat with fangs and angel wings, anthro
gender female from Roseiana
loves 69, Dragon, Fox tolerates M/M hates F/F, Na'vi
79 submissions 3 roleplay characters 26,708 page views 19 comments received 25 comments posted 939 profile views
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Latest Journal posted 31 Aug 2012

I'm glad that a person dosen't have to be a super good artist here to get some decent noteriety 

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Serban 2 months ago
I can just hear your display picture going "Blehblehblehbleh"

Marjani 1 year ago
Thanks for the watch!
Coyote42 2 years ago
Thanks for the fav!
Duo Theus 2 years ago
~slaps the females butt~ Everyone gets at least one, unless they ask for more or I like them
tg-0 2 years ago
Dragnar 2 years ago
thanks for the watch, should have something in this upcoming week.