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I'm not one of many words, but writing is certainly my passion. I'm a writer primarily of micro/macro stories, though I am currently working on several side projects outside that genre. As a rule of thumb, I take long to write--if something is unfinished, expect it to be finished; just not immediately.

gender male from Davis, CA, United States
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Latest Journal posted 19 Oct 2013

Feels like it's been a while since I last posted anything here, but the last thing I want to do is keep people in the dark. I've basically been spreading myself thin with regards to writing (yes, expect maybe three things to appear here in the future), though I'm by no means stagnant. Apologies for not really keeping people in the loop, but again, I'm a decent bit more active on FA and I'd rather not copy/paste everything I do just for that purpose.

Speaking of which, however, there are a couple small things I don't plan on uploading here. If you like my writing style and don't mind something not specifically macro, I did write a small story in that vein a few weeks ago to keep a bit of pace. Though not macro, it does deal with two characters who have been in those types of situations before. And for those of you who still remember No Man's Land (should mention one of those three things I'm scribbling with is in that setting again), I did manage to snag a commission for that (getting my feet wet, so ...

SemiFurry1212 1 year ago
Hello, I've been a fan of you since the Wardston series began(I actually know you from the other site but had difficulty registering). Anyway, I love the way you write and how you are able to put human characters and imagery into something, somewhere in which is thought to be so poor. Thanks for the story!

A couple questions though*spoilers* Why did you end the story the way you did? Not that it's bad, I'm glad it didn't end the usual way but what's the point of developing characters like Alice if she's only gonna be developed as a contrast to Dexter? Did you end the series as sort of a fill in the blank for the reader? If so, how do you feel about fan fictions and fan art? I've been trying to set up a drawing of Frelia for a while.
Mannoth 1 year ago
Actually, the story isn't quite over as of yet, though it is close to it; there are still a few things to wrap up. You might expect a bit of "fill-in-the-blank" when it's truly done, though.

As for fan art, absolutely! Have at it and PM me.
ShadowScreen 1 year ago
I really loved your stories so far, please continue the series I'm looking forward to it.
Mike Folf 2 years ago
Marf! Thanks for watching =3
Arbon 2 years ago
Your welcome, but don't thank me with shouts. Thank me by continuing to write.