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Writer: Fantasy/Fiction and Poetry on Humanity/Emotions
Musician: Play Violin and Piano, Compose Music for Strings Sections, Teaches Beginning Violin
Languages: American English and Beginning Spanish
Misc Interests: Besides Writing and Music: Philosophy, Astronomy (Casually), Drama/Theater (Casually), Animals, Soccer, Drawing (Casually, Mostly Abstract), Video Games, Reading (Fantasy), Hanging out with Friends, Fantasy Roleplaying (D&D), Watching Movies.
Age: 20
Living In: Alaska

There's not a whole lot to me other than that. I'm very passionate in my writing and music, and I'm a nerd who likes to hang out with his friends. Quiet, shy, nice guy who feels strongly in his beliefs and doesn't mind what other people believe in as long as it doesn't affect me in a negative way. I hate drugs/alcohol/tobacco/etc and dislike people who have no common sense and people who hate other people for unjust or shallow reasons (looks, gender, race, orientation, etc). Everyone is their own person and they are entitled to their opinion, so long as its respectful to others.

I'm friendly but shy, so.... Yeah, that's me.

species Otter/Wolf Hybrid
gender male from United States of America
loves 69, Anatomically Correct, Animated likes 3D, ASB, Abra tolerates Alligator, Biting, Breast hates Abuse, Anal vore, Ball Growth
161 submissions 105,881 page views 199 comments received 125 comments posted 3,967 profile views
groups   All Male Gayness
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Latest Journal posted 22 Dec 2013

And feeling good about life again. Will be posting pics, artwork, poetry, and stories more. Going to get into a habit of posting things again, and hope that all of my watchers enjoy! :3

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echo_existence 3 months ago
And, although the season's advanced, let me *bow* and extend the Season's Greetings to you! And do keep yourself warm, especially way up North there.
bhscorch1313 3 months ago
Thanks! Same to you. :3
scarletfurry223 4 months ago
Hi there. Wanna rp? Pm
me please.
Dante, Erebosian Wolf 4 months ago
Lovely poetry, and very intriguing music, + watch from me!
scarletfurry223 4 months ago
Hi there. Wanna rp? Pm me please.
Need Beloved 4 months ago
Simply felt it was time. My old profile held people and false memories within it that would only cause trouble.. And this new profile is much more...acomedating.
RioNightshade62450 5 months ago
I hope your hump day is going well!!~
RioNightshade62450 5 months ago
I think You should join in on my journal :) just saying ;) LMAO
Truce 7 months ago
Thanks for joining my poetry group :3 TBH, I never expected anyone to actually join but you're very much appreciated ^^
bhscorch1313 5 months ago
No problem. We need more poetry people around here.
bhscorch1313 8 months ago
No computer right now, will post when I can get back on. Take care everyone, and sorry for the inconveniences!
Saffron Girl 1 year ago
Love your Pokemon artwork!!
bhscorch1313 1 year ago
Thanks! And there's more to come! :)