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About Drakkin

I consider myself a Dragon of all things.

I am Green, but like a deep forrest green mostly around my head and snout and all the way down to the tip of my tail. I have wings! Love the open sky and fresh air and the worlderness. At my throat to my stomach and 'lower' is deep blue to a lighter indigo mixture. I also like my spikes and claws white and shiny as well as my teeth. I have two canines proudly curved.

I love the ability to express my feelings and passions in writing and deeply respect those who love such things as art and literacy.

I live deep in the mountains of southern Africa (I really do! South Africa is my home and where i live there is complete solitude which i love) where i fancy it as being the ideal home for such creatures as dragons. It feeds my imagination.

I also hope to one day publish a book.

As many dragon lovers, i would love to be able to turn into a dragon! Or meet one! Or find a beautiful Dragoness! (Pushing the envelope but hey!)

Also, i love all this! the site and its people who embrace a passion fully!



species Dragon (Green)
gender male from South Africa
loves Fantasy, Music, reading 12 submissions 6,840 page views 31 comments received 12 comments posted 1,291 profile views
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Latest Journal posted 11 Feb 2012

Hello ^=^

I realized something! Ive been trying to mix with people who might never accept me for who i am. Its very saddening to know this as i fear i mingt never find somebody like me.

The freinds i know like me and all but i want a pure and complete freindship. I have to say that ive never had such a freinship for years. There was one a few years back but hes faar away and i dont get to see him often.

Thats why i write, my stories have alot of my distress poured into them as well as my happiness and hopes.

I think that all i need is faith in knowing that everything will set itself rigt in the end. All will be good in i bielieve it; thats my policy. ^=^


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Ch3 Guardian of Tela'Vel
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Alex Kitsune 2 years ago
Hello my friend ^.^ just wanted to say hello and wish ya a happy Easter ^.^
pokedemon_0222 2 years ago
thx for the fave and watch :3 ^^
Aquilla Whitegate 2 years ago
Well thanks for the fav, vote,and watch, and since you are new here welcome to Sofurry, hope to see you around. :)
Drakkin 2 years ago
I wanto say im finding this site to be something soewhat special. Like a community that cares if you will!
weird dragon 2 years ago
thanks for the watch
trailstoride 2 years ago
Welcome to SF! Your first story is off to a great start. I hope you stay a while and enjoy it here. ^_^
Drakkin 2 years ago
New here! i heard about this site and i think its a brilliant thing to express love for such forms of art and talent!