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I am an illustrator and also I am a writer.  And I love dragons and all sorts of mythological creatures.   Some of you might recognize me from other sites, but for those of you who do not.  Hi, I'm new.

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Latest Journal posted 11 Apr 2014

I am becoming bitter at my job.  It's been a downhill ride at 200mph and it's not slowing down.  I feel like everyone is out to get me.  They just find more things wrong to write me up on.  

And I am really becoming bitter.  What's worse, is that I know that I am right and they expect me to apologize.  I am right, there is no apology.  I should be getting the apology.

I don't know what to do anymore.


Thekingofcrocodiles 1 week ago
You need a big bunch of hugs :C
Achelladuega 5 days ago
I don't need big hugs, I need my internet turned back on.
Thekingofcrocodiles 5 days ago
That too.
Dintkoller 4 weeks ago
Im a human extremist, but its cool i like dragons.
Achelladuega 4 weeks ago
And why does this matter to me? Why do you wish to tell me you're a human extremist?

What does that even mean anyways?
Dintkoller 3 weeks ago
I like dragons and yeah im a human extremist. I do draw furries but they have human blood in them and i like to tell stories about their point of view of furry minority.
Achelladuega 3 weeks ago
I'll ask again, why would any of this matter to me?
Dintkoller 4 weeks ago
Hey I seen your art work and I gotta say that you're pretty dam good! And all of those popluar artist that post art, I just dont want to say. Keep on going.
Achelladuega 4 weeks ago
"And all of those popular artist that post art, I just don't want to say."

Apparently you like to quote non-sequiturs.
XenorosthXMD 4 months ago
Wow, your style is awesome! D: How do you color so... well?
Radivel 4 months ago
Your art work is stellar. The way you do your dragons is just fantastic and so eye staggeringly amazing. The attention to detail and love for your talent truly shows.
Darius The Dragon 5 months ago
This is some great art! Would it be okay if i re-sized some of y favorites into wallpapers and uploaded them on Reddit? I'd give you all the credit.
Achelladuega 5 months ago
I rather you not, because I already provide wallpaper versions of some of my work.
Darius The Dragon 5 months ago
Dranzer 7 months ago
really nice art
KitKaramak 9 months ago
Again, you do great work. Keep it up, I like your coloring methods, your backgrounds... you just do overall really great work! You go girl! :D
GuzzleMuzzle 11 months ago
Your art is wonderfully imagined. <3
silverosiratus 1 year ago
no prob. love the art :3