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About BDog
Please don't beat (or bite)) me for my grammar, i'm trying hard to remember english school lessons, but it's gonna take some time)

Im just a guy who saw this site once...and couldn't leave it)
gender male from Moscow, Russian Federation (Evil Empire? =) )
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drakar2835 7 months ago
He he... Another Russian. You're the third that I encounter on the net. :-) I'm from Canada BTW.
BobbyTigre 7 months ago
Thanks for watch! :3
BuckSaber 1 year ago
Thanks for watching!
ArcticWolf451 2 years ago
YEAH RUSSIA! Thank you for inventing the AK-47. (I own one, love it to death).
BDog 2 years ago
You're welcome) For the first time I shoot from AK when i was about 5 or 6 years old) I love it too)
Unfortunately automatic guns are illegal for civilians in our country so now i cant buy it...

You know, the man who invented this great weapon, was a simple army sergeant. He became famous all over the world...but he didnt become rich...our president gave him a medal and a LADA car on his 80's annivesary...
ArcticWolf451 2 years ago
Doesn't Kalishnokov still live in a cheap apartment in Moscow somewhere?
BDog 2 years ago
He lives in IZHEVSK, near the gun factory.
To tell you the truth, he doesnt suffer from hunger and i think he have everything he needs in his 92, but - even if he would earc 1c from every prodused machine gun, he would become billionaire. Unfortunately it was impossible in USSR.
Garracuda 2 years ago
im mexican so i get to misspell a lot of words too :p
BDog 2 years ago
its rather hard for me to switch between english and russian
yesterday i started speaking ENG with my girlfriend)
Garracuda 2 years ago
What´s ur first language? and thanx for the watch ;)
BDog 2 years ago
I just liked your style of painting and humour)
you mean my native language? Im russian so...)