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species Golden tabby Siberian tiger with some Eastern dragon thrown in.
gender male from USA
23 submissions 19,351 page views 99 comments received 98 comments posted 2,968 profile views
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Io 3 months ago
May you & yours have a Merry Christmas & the best wishes of this coming New Year!
Maxie 4 months ago
*wags and smiles*Hi there.
Z Dragon 10 months ago
Mel_GC 10 months ago
Fuck, not here tooooooo!
Morearty 1 year ago
*belly rub*
Mel_GC 1 year ago
*purrpurrrrrr* |3
Lord Rose Thorn 1 year ago
Well damn if it isn't the Drat, here on SoFurry, man I didn't know you were here too. ^_^
Solarian 1 year ago
Drat... Yer gaaaaaaay! =3
Mel_GC 1 year ago
Well, I -am- rather fond of the cock...
Mehawk 1 year ago
gotcha! :P
Mel_GC 1 year ago
I've been got! D:
Ma An Tiao 1 year ago
hi, nice to meet ya! ;)
Granite Tail 1 year ago
He would be the only one for this drat. <3
Solarian 1 year ago
OH yeah...your kyoot!
Mel_GC 1 year ago
Heee~ Thanks, Sol. <3
Solarian 1 year ago
and also is beefy hotness. <3
Mel_GC 1 year ago
*flex flex*