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I´m Aquaristal (u can call me aqua) normally i do funny comics and shorts about random stuff that happens in my head, the two principal characters u normally see are krack (the boar) and Pink (unicorn), so stay tuned and watch if u like.


-Love making friends

-Not much into adult art (but still sometimes i do it)

-PSN: mraquacristal


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Latest Journal posted 17 Apr 2012

You hear it right! circus festa!

This is an idea that me and my partner in crime mraquacristal think about a while ago, but now were gonna try to make this project huge.

So what´s circus festa?

Well it´s a contest where you win free art from me or mraquacristal, for now just sign up and prepare to win art!

Rules and how to enter:

-Make a journal that links to this journal.
-Post a comment telling me that you are up for the contest.
-The constest will start when we reach 25 users, so you can share it with more people to speed things up).
-There contest will consist on rounds, each round some users will go, and some others will advance also each round has a reward for the winner(s).
-Twitter is optional, is just an extra.
-You need to be watching ¨us¨ to get in.

-you also need to answer this on Fur affinity:

If you want hints and more stuff head over to either of out tweeters:


Bellicose B 2 years ago
Your work is quite nice; it has a very unique style. Also, much luv for the watch you gave me. May I ask which of my works caused you to watch me?
Bigdaddyrhino 2 years ago
lawl stalker ;)