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Blech, I hate my old username from FA. >:O Anyways, thought I'd check this place out. Seems cool. I think I'll have fun here. :D species Lion
gender male from United States
loves 69, Balls, Clean likes Anal, Deep Penetration, Double-Penetration tolerates Foot Fetish, Rimming
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novastar 2 years ago
random shout! HOOAH!!
Yakkaina_Neko 2 years ago
Yay for friends! :D
Rubberkitten 2 years ago
sup! thanks for watching and i appreciate you enjoying my drawings :3.

Thank you
Yakkaina_Neko 2 years ago
No problem. :)
firefromheaven 2 years ago
Hey got your shout box cherry!!!! LOL

Thanks for watching!!!!! Comments and favorites on the stories really help let me know what stories are working. Plus favorites help push the story up in the rankings.

And yes this place is cool, much better than FA if you like stories.
Yakkaina_Neko 2 years ago
My shoutbox innocence! How dare you?! Well.. for you, it's ok. x3

I like it here as well as FA. It's very easy to do things here.
firefromheaven 2 years ago
Hey, it's better to lose it to someone with experience. We know how to be gentle... LOL

FA is good for pictures but it is a nightmare for writers. I hope you try my other two series.
Yakkaina_Neko 2 years ago
I planned on it.

And thank you for being so gentle. I can imagine it wouldn't have been as pleasant otherwise. D:
firefromheaven 2 years ago
The pleasure was all mine. LOL
Yakkaina_Neko 2 years ago
Well half of it was. Haha
firefromheaven 2 years ago
Don't worry I don't kiss and tell...

But again if you try my other stories let me know what you think. I have the greatest readers on SoFurry and we do a lot of give and take in the comment sections.
Yakkaina_Neko 2 years ago
Alrighty. Can do. :)