About Kobrin

British, alcohol based life form. I'm large.

Generally a nice and approachable fella.

Disclaimer: I DO NOT draw, any works in my gallery will be commissioned more than likely. Please thank the artist, not me for their work.

Also: Do not steal the artwork that was paid for by me. I'm not going to hunt you down as I don't care what internet kiddies do. However, you wouldn't steal from someone you know, so don't from me. This includes stealing my icons for your twitter/ LJ icons etc. It isn't cool. Get a fucking job.

I am taken IRL by my lovely girlfriend. Murry purry comments will be deleted if they are deemed inappropriate.

Please feel free to IM me if you have manners, social skills and don't endlessly ask me a series of stupid questions. Feel free NOT to IM me if you are guilty of any of the afforementioned.





species Dire Wolf
gender male from USA
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