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The Tridracan (Tri-headed Draconic Animals) are a race of 3-headed creatures, similar to the human version of hydras of Greek legend, except beheading them will not spawn more heads. Their design is similar to that of an Earth drake, a western style dragon without wings.

Individuals of the Tridracan are like 3 creatures in one, with each head having its own personality, while operating as a localized hive-mind. A better analogy is the solo body is a community of 3. While capable of individual thought and expression they usually think and act as one.  One head is capable of controlling the body, but this is rarely done except in extreme emergencies, when survival is dependent on solitary control. Unlike what many may think each personality does not control one part of the body only, but all have control over the whole. While this may seem extremely hard, with conflicting commands making moving near impossible, it is truly instinct that enables them to operate as a whole, and as individuals. They are...

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besonik 2 years ago
Thank you very much for the watch ^.^
Sovrim Terraquian 2 years ago
Yep, FurAffinity has failed to do almost any of the updates or upgrades they've had slated for the last several years. Welcome to a site that actually works most of the time! :D