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About tidmatiger
I'm really new to sofurry and trying to get the hang of it. My main Web site is furaffinity, same name and everything. Most, if not all of my art work is on there, so feel free to check it out! You can also find me on tumblr. I try to update all my Wips there so I dont clutter other sites with the silly things. I'd like to say i'm pretty nice, so if you have any questions feel free to ask. I'm typically busy, so pardon if it take a minute to reply.

If you'd like to contact me either note me on furaffinity or email me @

I don't really consider myself a furry. I do havea character named Warrick, but he is in no way shape or form me. I love him to pieces and to me he is like my child. He is originally from a book that eventually (probably not :P) I'll write. I've got many other characters, he's just my favorite. lol

Other things about me: I am a woman and I am married to a Marine. And no he's not stupid, he's actually extremely smart..most of the time xP.
If I talk about "Manface" That is who I'm reffering to.
I don't Role Play and I'm rather shy most of the time. I can be very silly online though. I love to meet new people so stop by and talk awhile. :D

For Commission prices and Terms of Service please go here:
Any other questions please direct them to my email: tidmatiger [at]GMAIL[dot]com
species Artist
gender female from Marine Corps, USA
loves Cat, Dog, Feral likes Beast Wars, Big Cats tolerates Vore (soft), vore hates Yiff
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Latest Journal posted 12 Oct 2013

so yea..I totally abandoned my sofurry account...but hey I'm back :D and i'll try to be more active on here(as well as my weasyl and deviantart accounts haha)

IraGremka 1 year ago
Wow... you are very very astonishing with your works! <3 I ought to commission you sometime. omg <333
Red Back Dragon 1 year ago
howdy - hows the art project been?
Red Back Dragon 1 year ago
sorry i havent been about i just keep getting tonsilitis and finding a path to get em out isent being easy but anyways - love your work keep it up
Limizuki 2 years ago
i'm ttly gonna stalk you :D <3