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About Avia Jiutai

I have no idea what to put in here, so I'll just go with the basics.
I am a five foot nine inch tall fox with jet black fur and a white underbelly, born and raised in England, complete with the accent that oh so many adore.
I am currently twenty three years of age and have lived in the same house for that many years. Sadly, I had to vacate and move down the road a bit.
Bit of a gaming nut, as well as a fan of Terry Pratchett and his discworld novels. (Look it up if you're curious.) I am also a bit of a zombie nut at heart.

My rather charming boyfriend suggested I make an account to post my written work. (Less said about the drawn stuff, the better.) This is mostly to make some sort of name for myself and to see how people react to my writing, if any decide to read, that is.

species Fox
gender male from Many miles from London, England
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Latest Journal posted 06 Sep 2012

Just a heads up to everyone out there. Next piece will be out tomorrow. Sorry for any delays caused, but work, art block and... the opposite of art block, (Art sphere?) have been factors in the delays of this piece. That and I totally have not been wasting time playing Dust: An Elysian Tail... But if I HAD! Then it was a worthy delay because the game was pretty darn awesome. >.>

Mkay, going to get some sleep now, nighty night.~



sylviathesweet 1 year ago
*pokes at the Avia*
Avia Jiutai 1 year ago
*Pokes right back.*
KitTheSoulless 2 years ago
*noms on his mates head out of boredom*
Avia Jiutai 2 years ago
*Squeaks and flails.* Hey! I need that for thinking and eating! Mostly eating. >.>
MrFox 2 years ago
Thanks for watching me!
Avia Jiutai 2 years ago
You're very welcome. You're a good writer, glad to watch you. ^_^
craglizard 2 years ago
No, no. Thank you for posting. (=
It seriously brightens my day to see you've uploaded. :p
Avia Jiutai 2 years ago
I'm glad to know you like my work. Hopefully, part five may be up in a day or two, just to let you know. ^_^
AnonEmis 2 years ago
And thank you for the watch, much appreciated. (:
AnonEmis 2 years ago
You are very welcome, I know a good story when I see it ^-^