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Webcomics machine (Gaming Guardians, Dungeons and Denizens, Carpe Diem, Profiles) and prolific short story writer, Graveyard Greg has been through the very fires of hell and back, only to discover he forgot his keys. gender male
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Latest Journal posted 11 Apr 2014

Hello, loyal followers. Graveyard Greg here with a journal about What's Going On.

You might notice I'm posting more frequently than I do over on FA. It's just that I have a lot of art I want to post, and most of it will be old art. Some of you don't frequent FA, though, so it'll be new to SOMEONE.

So you have been warned. Art will be posted at least two or three times a day for a while. But I promise it won't get too out of hand.

Donryu 11 months ago
Lokan 1 year ago
Thanks for the votes on my stuff from a few months ago :P I really need to keep up more with this place *chuckles*
Ta5tele55 1 year ago
Hey Greg. Love your stories and comics. Definitely going to keep tabs on you! *stalk stalk* lol...

I want your toenail clippings in a jar.
Mehawk 1 year ago
*w* thanks for the fave and the vote :3
Lokan 1 year ago
I found you :)
GraveyardGreg 1 year ago
That you did!
Lokan 1 year ago
hehehehe. Thanks for the watch back :)
Phantomgraph 2 years ago
*farhugs* Welcome to SF!
NecroDrone 2 years ago
Helloooooo <3
Gruffy 2 years ago
Hehhey! What a pleasure to see a new breath on Carpe Diem, plus to see Graveyard Greg on SF! I salute you for the inspiration CD brought for my furry writing.
Forge 2 years ago
Sodders 2 years ago