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About Blajn
White, fuffy, friendly gryphon. Loves stripes.

I work mostly in traditional way, sometimes digital.

Commissions are open - feel free to ask.

species Gryphon
gender female
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Latest Journal posted 04 Apr 2013

I've to earn some money till 10st April. Can you help me?


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Darius The Dragon 5 months ago
I like the art man.
Balasar 1 year ago
Hey, not at all! the works are amazing!
Avilon 1 year ago
Solid work! Love your avians.
RedWhiteFeather 1 year ago
Blajn 1 year ago
RedWhiteFeather 1 year ago
I like your fursona <3. :>
Blajn 1 year ago
Thanks ^^"
RedWhiteFeather 1 year ago
No problem ^v^
Bluefire34 2 years ago
your welcome
Duo Theus 2 years ago
~slaps the males butt~ Everyone gets at least one, and you are welcome, love the art. Keep it comming