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Latest Journal posted 03 Mar 2012
First off you should know what I look like, I'm about 5'11" and around 150 lbs. I'm not scrawny but I'm a lean toned bunny. My dick is about 6 and a half inches fully erect, And right now, confined to a pair of tight green leopard print boyshorts. I'm over at a friends house for the night and have been, and will continue to make myself edge, over and over until my mate wakes up and sends me my good morning text... Then I'll tell her all of this...

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Geno the Arctic Fox 2 years ago
Welcome to SF. :3
a;sljdHVNga;slkdmc 2 years ago
Thanks guys!
Lycana 2 years ago
GazzSalad 2 years ago
Welcome to Sofurry!