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About Fann

Hello everyone!

I'm the sound director, folley artist, and editor for "The Bedfellows", a furry cartoon on YouTube.
You can see our videos here. More links to them are here, on FA.

I also do the sound and music for TaurinFox on FurAffinity.
His profile is here.
This is our latest video, "A Fox in the Stable."

I mostly just make music, I hope everyone enjoys it!
Comments and critique are always appreciated, so don't feel shy to leave me some.

I do a bunch of electronic stuff, as well as a lot of piano work, and other bits and bobs.
I've been playing piano for around eleven years, and composing for about eight.

The music I write is never perfect for me, but other people enjoy it. Let me know what you think.

The names Dan, come say hi!

species Equine
gender male from Vancouver, Canada
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Latest Journal posted 23 Apr 2013

Hey there furry peeps.

Have not written a journal on SoFurry before.

I should start off by appologizing for the lack of new content and updates from me. There will be more soon, I promise. I'm going to start posting all my new music here, instead of FA.

That place really needs to die already.

Not sure if I can start a following here, but I'd really like to. There is a bunch of new news on the Bedfellows, as well as art I've commissioned, and of course much more music I'm going to be writing.

I'm not positive that SF is the place for musicians at this current time. All you horn dogs just like your porn, and zip past anything that does not pertain to your... animalistic desires. 

Hopefully with the new update, things will be a more even playing field. I'll also try and get some more interesting tunes too.


Just let me know what you lads wanna see regarding the bedfellows. Maybe some in progress shots? Or some early released lines?
Also music. Le...

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ZenWolf117 5 months ago
Hey at least your content is alive and kicking here! Love your stuff ^^
IJrge 1 year ago
Thanks for watching!
Aaron LonePaws 1 year ago
Thank you for making such good music!
mattfoxlikesretro 2 years ago
no prob!