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Hi welcome too my profile ^w^ Feel free too message me anytime.
My fursona details: A anthro arctic wolf with black fur, a purple stripe going from the top of my head to the tip of my tail, a purple piece sign on the inside of each of my wrists and purple eyes.
species Arctic Wolf
gender male from Riverton, America
loves Anal, Animated, Anthro hates Female, Vore (soft)
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jackthekitsune 2 months ago
hi there ^^
GoldenEmotions 3 months ago
Just randomly leaving a little comment here to wish you a merry Christmas aswell as joy for the rest of the year. :D
SyrusVice 3 months ago
Thank you very much, Merry Christmas and happy new year to you as well ^w^
GoldenEmotions 3 months ago
Thank you! ^-^
GremWolf 4 months ago
I dont mind at all! Thank you very kindly for the Watch too! <3 *hugs lots*
SyrusVice 3 months ago
*Hugs* You're welcome ^w^ I also added you on Psn
Syllt 4 months ago
I now claim this spot on your page thanks :3
Killerfonzy 5 months ago
Let me just take your virgin shout box! *Chuckles* What games do you usually play? :D
SyrusVice 5 months ago
Mostly CoD but I'm considering selling ghosts for battlefield 4
Killerfonzy 5 months ago
Cool ^-^ We'll have to play sometime soon then won't we? xD
SyrusVice 5 months ago
My internet is going too be off for a few days, maybe not even that long, but once its back on I'd love too play ^w^
Killerfonzy 5 months ago
Okay, sounds great! *I chuckle and stick my tongue out at you* Do you have a Skype? :p
SyrusVice 5 months ago
*Glances around* my internet is still on o.o and yeah my Skype is syrusvice
Killerfonzy 5 months ago
*Chuckles* What were you expecting? :p
SyrusVice 5 months ago
It was supposed too be off at midnight.