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About Sylene_Wolfy
I'm a pretty likeable person :) I love anime, manga, and other foreign books. Some of my hobbies include; reading, writing, singing, dancing, cosplaying, acting, hairdressing, photgraphy, people watching.. and much much more ^.^ I enjoy looking at others artwork, and am always looking on a way to improve mine. I myself dont find my artwork very good... but everyone is their worst critic i suppoes ;P I love to make friends, and hope I make some on here! Ask if ya wanna know anything else :)

Favorite food: all kinds :3
Favorite fruit: watermelon and lychee
Favorite song/theme song: First Of The Year (Equinox) - Skrillex
Favorite Actor: Robert Carlyle
Favorite genre of books: Fantasy and supernatural romance
Favorite gaming system: xbix original and PS3
Favorite mp3 system: Ipod
Favorite color(s): Red, black, gold and silver.... and bronze......^^;;;; and flesh @_@
Favorite drink: depends on my mood.... BLOOD OF THE INNOCENT (koolaid)
Favorite candy: candycanes and rock candy
Favorite music genre: too many ;3
Favorite art style: well.. i cant draw worth shit.. so...
Favorite dance style: depends on the situation ;P
Favorite animal: wolf and snow leopard
species wolf/cat
gender female from united states
loves Androgynous, BDSM, Bisexual hates Babyfur, Chastity Play, Chemical Use
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icefoxx 2 years ago
Thanks for watching! ^.^
Sylene_Wolfy 2 years ago
you're welcome! :D
Kashmere 2 years ago
Thank you for watching :D
Sylene_Wolfy 2 years ago
you're welcome :)
Yoshiknight2 2 years ago
Thanks for the fav and the vote too!
Sylene_Wolfy 2 years ago
no problem :)