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Just a laid back furry. While I may be a chimera that doesn't mean that I had parents of multiple species or anything like that. Never liked that concept. Just didn't work for me.. In Windsmane case when he crossed from out plane of existence to another, when he woke he was as he is now.. He just manifested in that place that way.

Now I have thought about just making him a race but have never thought of a good name for it so I think I will just stay with him simply manifesting into existence that way.

Now beyond my character I am a pretty lax guy who has been more of a lurker in the fandom till recently. Having a mate now and he also being a furry has got me socializing more and wanting to do more with and for the fandom. So hopefully more of my work will get colored and then I will post it here. Looking forward to hearing from you all. Take care
species Chimera, In this case a cross between Dragon, Buffalo, and Tiger
gender male from San Diego, United States of America
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