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Hello my nickname is Yoshiknight2. I do love to draw animals, but I ain't very good at drawing anthro animals. Though I am practicing to do more anthro animals hopefully. Most of the time I draw Traditionals Art. And I have been drawing for at least 3 years.

If you have any questions just ask me.

*Note* I do have a tendency to draw random fanarts or drawings. Just to give you a heads up.

My Likes: Playing video games, Interesting Facts, Cartoons, Drawing, Photography, Disney Movies, Horror Movies, Music, Spending with Families & Friends
My Dislikes: Bully, Trolls, Abuse, Embarrassed, Stressed, Distracted, Ignore
Tools I use to draw: Sargent Art, Prismacolor, Faber Castell, General Pencil, Pro Art
Interested in: Fat Furs, Inflation, Big Bellies, Weight Gaining, Vore
Dreams: Becoming one of the best traditional artist, Video Game Developer, Web Page Designer, or 2D Animator
Personality: Shy, Organize, Serious, Genius, Calm, Listener, Friendly

Websites you can find me on:

Furaffinity - Yoshiknight2
YouTube - Maniavile
Animation Sources - Yoshiknight2
TetrisFriends - Maniaville
Pogo Forums - Maniaville
Runescape - Yoshiknight2
HabboHotel - Maniaville
Facebook - Send me a note
Art Of Nine - Yoshiknight2
species Wolf
gender male from Minot ND, USA
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Latest Journal posted 09 Nov 2013

Today I turned 21 years old. You know what that means? Bring out the cake and ice creams. Also balloons too. Cause it's party time! *gives out free cakes and ice creams*

That's all the update I have for now...


SMWolf 16 hours ago
Thank you for the many Faves!
Yoshiknight2 43 mins ago
Your very welcome.
Koukatsuke 3 days ago
Thanks for the fav and vote <3
Yoshiknight2 3 days ago
Your very welcome.
Koukatsuke 2 days ago
Yure16 3 days ago
Yoshiknight2 3 days ago
Your very welcome.
SMWolf 4 days ago
Glad you liked the pictures of the rabbits.
SMWolf 1 week ago
So you like naked European equines in tight leather harnesses?


Thanks for the Fae of the Belgian mare picture. You can find twelve more on Flicker including her blond-maned sister. The link is in the caption.
Yoshiknight2 1 week ago
Your very welcome.
Koukatsuke 2 weeks ago
Thankies for the favorite ^-^
Yoshiknight2 2 weeks ago
Your very welcome.
Koukatsuke 2 weeks ago
SMWolf 2 weeks ago
Something tells me that you /might/ have liked the fursuit pictures! LOL

Thank you very much for the many Faves and Votes.
Yoshiknight2 2 weeks ago
Your very welcome.
Skibs 3 weeks ago
Thanks for the +fav and vote.
Yoshiknight2 2 weeks ago
Your very welcome. And thanks for the fav and the watch too!
SMWolf 3 weeks ago
Thank you for the multiple Faves of my photos.
Yoshiknight2 3 weeks ago
Your very welcome.
Yure16 3 weeks ago