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MaveriKat 5 months ago
How's it been going?
TheMightyKhan 5 months ago
Pretty good, and yourself?
shadowRain93 1 year ago
few comments down mentions family business whats that story about?
TheMightyKhan 1 year ago
Tiger incest.
shadowRain93 1 year ago
oh what happened with it?
TheMightyKhan 1 year ago
Like I said, I got sick of it.
Hollow_Fang 1 year ago
Dude, Lone Tiger, darkest story I've ever read, heartbreaking and suspenseful. I like that combo. But now, you've prompted me to do a story something like this, but completely different. Is it alright, with your permission to use little bits from that story to help me move the story idea along?
TheMightyKhan 1 year ago
Your question, by its very nature, is quite vague. I don't really know what "little bits" you want to use at all. Still, it's perfectly okay with me if you've been influenced by Lone Tiger. Just please give me credit.

Also, I'd have appreciated it if you had reviewed the piece. >:P
lalalaSHALA 1 year ago
How come ya took down the Family Business series ?
TheMightyKhan 1 year ago
I got sick of them.
EloWaya 1 year ago
Joey Jordison? xD
TheMightyKhan 1 year ago
EloWaya 1 year ago
The guy in your picture. Looks like a guy from the band "Slipknot".
MaveriKat 2 years ago
Do you Still Do the Family Business Stories?
YhokoLunaris 2 years ago
Awesome series with the "Family Business" stories. I'll be reading your other works as soon as I have some more free time.
ArcticWolf451 2 years ago
During a clean section of a story, have Sam appear as a guest on Epic Mealtime. That, or have him use his money to buy more ammo and have fun shooting guns off in the woods again.
Furfel The Clown 2 years ago
yup found my favorite! :D
Kirek 3 years ago
Is that Shagrath on your avatar? Or is that King ov hell?
TheMightyKhan 3 years ago
Close, but neither. It's Infernus.