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Writer of transformation and various scaly-type things. Too many kinks to get into here. But isn't that the case with everyone these days? :}===< species Amethystine Python
gender male
loves Transformation, liquid shifting, merfolk 55 submissions 81,834 page views 480 comments received 298 comments posted 16,310 profile views
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Winter Raptor 1 month ago
Rumor has it, there's a buncha pesky kobolds around here?! D:
Amethystine 1 month ago
Nope, just us nagas. >_>

If this is about what SorraSongbird said in your shouts, I don't know why kobolds were mentioned.
Winter Raptor 1 month ago
Gah! I been duped again by a pesky raven! D:

Oh well...*loiters around here, raids the fridge*
Amethystine 1 month ago
My fridge is quite empty. :P
VenomSymbiote 1 month ago
you should check out my first story ever to be posted.
MTT3 2 months ago
Yup. Created this account here now too, to post my stories, since I heard that Sofurry is a bit more about stories than FA *shrugs* Well, let's see how many comments I get on my stories. ^^
Amethystine 2 months ago
*nods* Also, you can reply to shouts directly, here.

And SoFurry USED to be all stories and NO art. Now it's both, but hopefully retains the story focus. Hopefully. >_>
MTT3 2 months ago
*nods* Thankies. ^^ Been looking allready for groups to post stories to, though did not find anything yet. ^^;
AlientKnight 2 months ago
How do I know if I have you on my watch list? o: I haven't used Sofurry since it became Sofurry @.@
Amethystine 2 months ago
While looking at my page, you should see a block of options to the left of the page, right under my banner, to the left of the main "About Amethystine" stuff. It's faint and hard to see, but it should say "Watch" or "Remove Watch", depending on if you watch me or not.

There's also the 'Friend' options and the 'Block' option, and the Private Message option there.

Or: Go to your profile and click on "Watching" to see who AlientKnight is watching! :}===<

Hint: You ARE watching me, too. :D
AlientKnight 1 month ago
Firstly, I need to stick around on SF more often! And secondly; whoooo! I have you on watch list! But hey, I remembered watching you back when SF is still Yiffstar! x)

Also, stop hiding on Skype. I always forgot about poking around on you when it constantly shows offline! xD
Amethystine 1 month ago
Actually, yeah, I remember that! Back when I had no idea how to read your name, and you had some abstract-art-looking icon, I think.
AlientKnight 1 month ago
o: I think so, I forgot, really!
Khaesho Scorpent 3 months ago
Another Naga! HELLO THERE!
Amethystine 3 months ago
Greetingsss and sssalutationsss, Sssir Ssscorpent! *bows to his fellow snake* Good to meet you.

Thanks for the watch! :D
Khaesho Scorpent 3 months ago
Ya welcome!
RingtailedFox 3 months ago
I thought i'd follow ya becuase i like your stories and artwork :D
Amethystine 3 months ago
Just the stories are mine. The art is always by others.
rhylith 4 months ago
Snake butt ;P ;)
iDamonn 4 months ago
D'aaaw, Thanks for taking time to read my profile ;w; If I can bring any help to make a layout for yours, just ask me! :3
Amethystine 4 months ago
You're welcome!

And thank you, but I don't feel I really need one. I think I'd manage to make one myself, if I did end up bothering to do it, though. :>
The Villain 10 months ago
Your Honor Bound story is great. My only things are that the ending seemed a little short. It had a conclusion but it felt too short. I was also wondering about the underscores around certain phrases: are they emphasis or like parenthesis?
Amethystine 10 months ago
The underscores are for emphasis, like under-lining things. I do that rather than all capping some words. I'd have used italics, but I was formatting it to work with even really low-grade HTML text displaying features, which wouldn't have retained formatting like italics.

Thanks for the watch and the 5/5 vote on the story, too! :}
Leetah43 10 months ago
lol! when i saw you over on this site I figured i might as well make it three for three :P