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About Rakuen Growlithe
I'm a fur from South Africa. I got into the fandom through my interest in Pokémon, still a major part of my involvement, and writing fanfiction, though now I also try my hand at art from time to time. Outside of furry and the aforementioned subjects I'm interested in science, anime (and am learning Japanese) and power metal.

I think ideas should be freely shared so if you want to repost my art or stories on other sites then that is fine, provided you acknowledge me as the original creator and link back to the original.

Personal Pages:
DeviantArt: A general art site.
F-list: A site for finding people with similar interests for adult rps. Site for fanfiction of various of various franchises. profile uses the name Gardie.
Flayrah: A furry news site. (Contributor, June 2010 - Present. Currently described as contributing editor)
Inkbunny: A furry site, supporting art, music and stories.
Pixiv: A Japanese art site.
SoFurry: A furry site, supporting art, music and stories. Also has built in community features like groups, forums and chat. (SoFurry Ambassador, May 2012 - Present)

Other Sites:
Wikifur: The furry equivalent of Wikipedia.
ZAFur: A forum for South African furs. (Global moderator, April 2008 - February 2013. Administrator February 2013 - Present)

Rabbit Hole: A site for finding people with similar interests for adult rps. (Replaced by F-List)
July 2007 - February 2012: Member of Furaffinity until ban (Described in 1, 2, 3 and 4)
February 2009 - February 2012: Owner and Administrator of thepetshop, a forum for furs interested in BDSM, until I closed it.
July 2006 - July 2011: Member of AGNPH

PS: I only accept friend requests from friends. In this case that means people that are at least on my IM lists and who I have spent time talking to or who I have had a sustained relationship with through forums and such.
species Growlithe (Pokemon)
gender male from South Africa
loves Bondage, Canine, Domination/Submission likes Anal vore, Foot Fetish, Paws tolerates Avian, Cetacean, Dragon hates Fat, Hermaphrodite, Male Pregnancy
168 submissions 254,509 page views 1,872 comments received 1,682 comments posted 31,124 profile views
groups   SoFurry

Latest Journal posted 17 Mar 2014

I have a bit of a puppy play fetish and I found this clip of a dog girl in some crazy fight scene. You can watch it here. (Could easily be disturbing for some.) Apparently that's taken from a movie called Tokyo Gore Police. Has anyone seen it? How big a role does the dog girl play?

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Atsila 2 months ago
Understandable as you've been around longer than I have.
Asero 2 months ago
Yep. Also from South Africa ;)
Rakuen Growlithe 2 months ago
Cool. ^^ But you haven't joined the South African furry group. We also have a separate forum you could join. :)
Zipeau 3 months ago
Thankyou for watching!
playfullfox 4 months ago
hello and do you want to rp
Rakuen Growlithe 4 months ago
I think I'll pass, thanks.
playfullfox 4 months ago
ok and i love pokemon and if you think its a yiff rp i want to do i dont want to do that
node6 5 months ago
Your welcome. By the way, you have some really good stries in your gallery!
NoteYote 6 months ago
Thank you so much for the fave! Glad you liked the story. :)
Rakuen Growlithe 6 months ago
Not a problem. It's a cool pic that it's based on too. :)
NoteYote 6 months ago
Actually, if you mean the art that MakoOtter did over on FA, the art was actually based on the story. :P
Rakuen Growlithe 6 months ago
Whoops, my mistake. Still, both are great so it doesn't really matter to me.
NoteYote 6 months ago
Oh I agree totally that the pic is excellent. And I'm definitely glad you liked both :)
Neos8 6 months ago
no prob
Torben 7 months ago
Thanks :9 Can't wait for the next part ^^
Uldar 9 months ago
hey :) i just want to ask about the conventions in S.A. i see you've been to one, are they still occurring?
Rakuen Growlithe 9 months ago
Well, it wasn't really a convention. More a big meet for people from all over. No one's managed to organise one recently so there are only small local meets.
Uldar 9 months ago
That's a shame. Thanx ^.-.^ I recon one day ill get myself involved in running a big group for south African furs. That would be awesome xD
BRNQuil 9 months ago
Heh, "member of FA until ban". Your explanatory links are interesting.
Rakuen Growlithe 9 months ago
Well I think people should know what actually goes on on FA. Probably still just banning people he doesn't like. He's got a history of doing that.