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About Drackir
Just an Australian tanuki who writes smutty stories.

I live in Perth and have a fodness for smut.

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Latest Journal posted 04 Apr 2013

Who are you my mother?

I thought so! My mother would never be here reading my smut. Or at least I hope so!

Anyway those of you who know me know that my role at work has changed so I have been busier than normal and have had little time to do writing. I have been doing some private commissions (I totally do those and feel free to ask me about them!) which is why little stuff has been uploaded.

Well that AND my super secret project. Alas my old laptop was destroyed and with it something I had poured a month of effort into. Which put me into a real funk! Anyway I have bounced back and am now back at work creating something similar and yet somewhat different.

What is it I hear you ask? Well I've always had a deep love of video games. But my knowledge of programming is... sketchy and my artistic skill is missing so my only real ability is writing. Luckily there is one thing that it lends itself towards which is a game book.

Like fighting fantasy (http://ww...

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Richard Gray 6 months ago
You are awfully silent nowadays. Has anything happened? Hope you are doing well, and to see more stories soon
Doggieo 9 months ago
2 for 2! Haha.
Tana Wolf 1 year ago
A certain Frosty husky pointed me your way >:3
Dragonnan Darkstar 1 year ago
wow had no idea you lived in perth aha :P same city as me :D
Drackir 1 year ago
Perth, Western Australia?
there are a lot of us fuzzies around actually. I will be at the next PFG!
Ziegenbock 1 year ago
Nice stories. I look forward to reading more.
Picklessauce69 2 years ago
You have a way with words and detail. Both in smut and clean stories. Im amazed with your capturment of emotions at times and you're try a skilled writer. It's been a privillage to read
Drackir 2 years ago
Thank you for the all the comments! You seem to be making a beeline through all my older stuff!

Also, you've made me blsuh with your praise.
Picklessauce69 2 years ago
I have been working my way through everything and awwww how cute!!!!
Gritou 2 years ago
Didn't hear from you since your journal for your "Interactive Friction" so I was just wondering if you had a lack of inspiration or else...
Drackir 2 years ago
I just don't have the time to work on it I'm afraid, work has been amazingly hectic this year and for the first time ever I'm also in a relationship and honestly if I have to choose between writing smut and my bf I know which one I'll choose.
Gritou 2 years ago
No problem about that, real life always come first! I'm happy to hear you're in a relationship, good luck with that =)
Doggieo 3 years ago
love love love your stuff~
Mog Moogle 3 years ago
Thanks very much for the fav and the watch! ^.^