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On Second Life as Kitoth Beck just let me know who you are and how you found me in any im's i get sent please species Kitoth
gender male from Worcester, USA hates Anal vore, Cum Digestion, External Fertilization
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Latest Journal posted 09 Mar 2014

Ok first of all i am not against herm based stories at all not with that said i have to ask something so simple makes me wonder why i even need to make this journal.

As i browsed through stories with herms in them the vast majority seem to contain the following: 

Hyper, Inflation, (transformation either female to herm or male to herm), Herm on male, etc.

But what i rarely see is a simple herm on herm story with normal sized herms which to be blunt have vaginal sex. Also same goes with male on herm stories. Now i know a few herms on SL and even some on art sites like here and FA. So why so few herm on herm stories that do not contain things mentioned above or other things, why is is so hard for a story to be well more simple i guess. Yes i know a lot like those things but still it is hard to find stories that are HH HF MH that are not focused on things above or anal only etc. i mean if i had to give an exmaple of a story that is sort of normal for a herm based story it would have to be th...

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