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species Raptor
gender male from London, UK
loves Bondage, Dragoness, Hypnosis likes Dragon, Forcedshifting, Humiliation tolerates Growth, Macro
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ClockworkKnight 9 months ago
Thanks for the watch. I appreciate it!
C09 1 year ago
Cool profile pic, draw it yourself?
nargus 1 year ago
Rawr. Hehe. Actually it's from Kyma @ FA :)
theonehowl 1 year ago
Thankies for the watchies!
nargus 1 year ago
theonehowl 1 year ago
And thank you for watching even closer, longer, deeper, forever <3 <3 lol
nargus 1 year ago
*let out a mew before going all glassy eyes* :P
SgtNolisten 3 years ago
I KNEW I've seen you around here before! Good to see someone I know on Fanfiction around here as well.

Thanks for the fav once again mate!
nargus 3 years ago
Heheh ^^ I dislike the format of this website though. They simply...suck!
Xiao 4 years ago
Thanks for the watch, man. I know you've been following my work since I first started writing, so I hope I haven't disappointed.
onewhoknew 4 years ago
Thanks for the fav and the stars on The Change Club. Glad you liked it!
Warnndog 4 years ago
Saying hi to all my Watchers. Thanks for the Watch
onewhoknew 5 years ago
Thanks for the fav and the watch!
Empty Shadow 5 years ago
Thanks for the Watch! Hope you enjoy my work. Comments are always welcome!
LizardKing 5 years ago
Boo! 10 points for guessing who I am correctly.
nargus 5 years ago
Wait wait I knew it! er..............I do!
Um............ What's your name in SL again? O.o
LizardKing 5 years ago
Ugh, I have to check my emails to know I've had a response? Anyway, I'll send you a note on FA since I found you there, and it's easier than this thing.