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Well, I am a Halo fan, as you can see from my pics, I LOVE Elite sex, its my fav, next is dragon sex. I like to draw on and off the comp, but I don't have scanner so all you can see for now is my comp pics. I am 18, male, and a canadian. I have a job which takes up alot of my time, so most of the time I will only be on on the weekends. And ummm, thats about all I can think of for now.

O ya, and if you want to, you can go take a look at my DeviantArt page to, there I have the not so dirty pics from this site, and a bunch of non-yiffy or furry pics I drew.

Here is the link:
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Latest Journal posted 18 May 2008
Update 4: New Flash Movie

Ok, so I was playing around with Flash for a bit and made a couple movies. Here is a link to them if you want to take a look.

Arby and Half-Jaw:

Female and Male Elite sex:

Elite Jackoff:

Armored Elite Sex:

Elite Dress-Up Game (Beta)

Elite Jack-Off 2:

Go ahead and tell me what you think.


zmultmedia 2 years ago
oye, no puedes subir tus animaciones flash a otra pagina.
hey, you can upload your flash animations to another page.

es que quiero verlas y no puedo verlas en esta pagina.
is that I see and I can not see them on this page.
GM 136 4 years ago
Hey Meth, a friend of mine was wondering if you could draw him something from a game and well. . . if he's making his request, I might as well request something too. I was sort of wondering if you could make something from Oblivion. We should go over this on Live. I also don't mind if you're busy and won't be able to make it.
Blade Kassan 4 years ago
Hey, man. Just to let you know, there are actually mods for Oblivion that can be used for that sort of thing.
However, that's just in-game screenies, mostly, and they usually require a large amount of practice with positioning the involved charicters.
GM 136 4 years ago
I know about that. I don't have the computer version and I would rather have something drawn out instead of in-game. I havn't seen many screens that have been interesting.
CantSeemToDelete 4 years ago
seriously need to make a file of the elites and email it to me! ill freakin pay you!
Joe 2-0 5 years ago
Meth, is on Meth, LOL. Your stuff is creepy and wierd, yet funny in that subtle way... 'nuff said.
giga 5 years ago
hey love your work. i too am a halo and elite fan. really love utfu because blue is my fav color. Go Blue Team!
Der Gebieter 5 years ago
Hi Methados, thanks for the good pics do you have drawn.(sorry for the bad Englisch, im from Germany)
McHale 5 years ago
Hey Methados I LOVE your elite stuff. You and Muki Hyena have got to be my favorite elite artists!!!
McHale 5 years ago
Hey Methados I LOVE your elite stuff. You and Muki Hyena have got to be my favorite elite artists!!!
StickDragon 5 years ago
Hey Methados I love your work dude! Especially those hot elites! Keep up the good work! Im kinda new here and not much good in art. Especially with creatures and Characters I like. But I do stories.
elitelover 5 years ago
i love your work keep it up
Methados 5 years ago
Thanks :)