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About Marcwolf
I am a fur who is approaching the half century, fortunately I am from long lived stock so I am still spry enough to give younger furs a chase for their money.

Happily mated with my lion Kllauw - but by mutual agreement we can snuggle with others. I am trying to persuade him to put his writings up here as well.

As a long term reader of SciFi I enjoy world building which reflects in many of my stories. How would a furry society work, what would drive them, how would a furry toilet work (Think about that one), or furry fast food.

As I am a wolf I tend to use them as my main characters - understanding the lupine mindset more than say a equine one. And yes dear reader - Artic Wolves with Green eyes hold a special place in my heart.

Personally I am an Abysinnian wolf - lighter built than my european cousins and almost fox like in build.

When not writing I have a keen interest in fursuit making and special effects - my ultimate aim is to make a fursuit that will look and emote the same as an live anthrowolf - and I am well on the way with the design and construction.
Current work is at

During the day to day activites I am a not so mild programmer who is known for chuffing and growling at problems when developing.

Love to you all. And many many thanks for all the kind, wonderful comments.


Walk quietly through this Earth
Leave nothing but smiles and pawprints..
species Wolf (Abysinian)
gender male from Brisbane, Australia
loves Anatomically Correct, Anthro, Anubis likes Associated Student Bodies, Balto, Doctor who tolerates Torture hates breastfeeding
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Latest Journal posted 06 Oct 2013

Hi Folks

Been working on this for a while. An animatronic werewolf tongue


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Thanks for the watch, PM me with a story idea and I'll write it for you
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