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About Tornado

Welcome to my SoFurry page. I am just your basic lizard that.... wait a sec. I'm not just a basic lizard, I'm in the minority with most scalies going the dragon route.  No wings on me.  Green skin, red torso, 4 head spikes that trail to the neck. When I have clothes on, you will generally see me in a pair of blue gym shorts because that's how I roll.


The commissions I get are posted on my Furaffinity account as well as here, account the same name there.


I'm as chill and laid back about things as one can be so don't be afraid to send a shout my way. See ya when I see ya!

species Lizard
gender male from USA
45 submissions 23,561 page views 84 comments received 26 comments posted 3,078 profile views
groups   All Male Gayness
  Scalies of SoFurry

Latest Artwork

Thermophilous Reptilian 10 months ago
It's good to see fellow lizards around this site. Amazing work too might I add
AKolm 1 year ago
Hello fellow lizzy :)
Gareth Gryphonclaw 1 year ago
Don't feel overshadowed by tattooed Dragons. There'll be plenty of people who'll like you for you, including yourself! If you play tennis, I'd be happy to join in or help you practice! *swish!*
BlackwingDragon 1 year ago
Welcome to Sofurry, sexy XD
Tornado 1 year ago
If by welcome you mean I've been here the past like 5 years.
BlackwingDragon 1 year ago
I saw no shouts, hush D=