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Sorry I haven't updated in a while (like two years). We actually went out the very next day and picked up a new laptop, transferred all the data (minus installed programs) and everything eventually worked out. The internship turned into a job which lasted until 3/13/2009 (the first of three Friday the 13th's that year) and my thesis was excepted without any kind of revisions whatsoever (I even used my old company's professional report production materials to print out and comb-bind the report). I proceded by applying for unemployment after I lost my first job as a Geologist. I passed the time by applying for no less than 5 jobs per day online for 9 and a half months (at least 1,420 jobs). I eventually got another job with a bigger company making more than I did at my previous job and things couldn't be much better. Thank you to anyone and everyone who offered any sort of helpful advice (especially the most recent person to PM regarding my previous situation).


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