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Hey there. I am a cute collie that goes to Anthrocon. I hope to become a good artist and writer. Be patient with me and offer constructive criticism.. Thanks species danny swiss
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Latest Journal posted 15 Dec 2011

Yea it seems that I am rechecking all the stories I faved and am saving.


I still am POD that I cant find the Dancer caught on camera one. Maybe I can have a writer rewrite it.
OTher than that lately it seems that not many new stories are any good. They arent aimed at my interests any more.

Maybe it's me.


Nao Shadowpaws 3 months ago
Thanks for the watch
Nao Shadowpaws 4 months ago
I have a new account, so you should follow this one instead
Serov 9 months ago
Hey there,

Just dropping by to tell you that New kid on the job will be having a re-write after 7 years. This means new characters, new relationships and a better, thicker plot (as opposed to the previous draft which was just porn).

Sorry it took me this long dude! I hope you still want to read it once I'm done.

YaegerTheArcticWolf 1 year ago
Thanks for the watch and faves.
dracologist 1 year ago
Thank you for the watch and the 5/5. Make sure to check my other stories as well.
Meical 1 year ago
Thanks for the votes.
Oloroso Rhone 1 year ago
Gratias tibi nam voto ago!
Stumpycoon 1 year ago
Minguss 1 year ago
Thankies for the watch =^,^=
Oloroso Rhone 1 year ago
Gratias tibi nam votoque 'fav' ago! nam tuenti me!
Danny Swiss 1 year ago
Thanks crap my translator is broken.. what language is it ?
Oloroso Rhone 1 year ago
Latin! ^_^