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I love almost anything that has to do with foxes as they are my favorite animal by far! Besides that I enjoy reading from time to time, but I don't have really much time to read anymore. I do enjoy playing video games on my Xbox 360 as well as my Super Nintendo. So if you want to add me on Xbox Live just ask for my gamertag and I'll give it to ya. That's about it for this foxy tiger ^^~
species Kitsune/Tiger (Shapeshifter)
gender hermaphrodite from USA
loves Alternative, Anime, Anthro likes 70s, 8-bit, Acid Jazz tolerates Afghan hound, Albino, Alien hates Machine, robot
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Latest Journal posted 27 Sep 2010


Many things can be such
but few are so deep
into the realm of
the unknown and unusual

I consider myself
one of those few

I enjoy so many things
that are so far apart
it's hard to have friends
that understand or like
as much as I do

It is even harder
to find someone
to bring closer
then a friend

One who is as understanding
as I am
One who loves with as many kinks as I do
as I do
One who enjoys the same activities
as I do
One who has such wide intrests
as I do
One who is so protective of loved ones
as I am

Finding someone as unusual as I am
is exactly that


~The Unworthy Kitsune


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