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I really want Krystal's xxx story (but NO starfox team).
Of course, Renamon!
someone should write me.

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Latest Journal posted 20 May 2008
Now, Wolf have an advantage over Krystal. She fell into their trap. Krystal sees Panther. But, He grins with evil. He does not love her contrary to his words...
Krystal was captured by three villains. Then "a perfect story for YiffStar" begins. It will be the reason Krystal does not return to Fox. XD


probotboyxxx 9 months ago
Hey Vixentamer, I just wanted to let you know. That I deleted my old RenaImp fanfic, but I managed to re upload it. The one you faved got deleted, but don't worry I put it back up. Also I do have a Krystal xxx story without the starfox team. It's called Desire for Krystal.
probotboyxxx 11 months ago
I got a story it's called Desire for Krystal you should check it out.
vixentamer 11 months ago
probotboyxxx 11 months ago
Your welcome.
probotboyxxx 9 months ago
I made a few changes to my RenaImp fanfic, tell me what ya think or not.
probotboyxxx 11 months ago
I loved your pics of Renamon and Impmon Vixentamer! :) Along with pics of Krystal too! X)
MegaDaelon 1 year ago
Moar Krystal 3D model. ;^;
ShiroUzumaki 1 year ago
so you are still here, lil perv!
Wolf_ODonnell 1 year ago
Thanks for the fave. Ddin't think something so cruddy would receive one, to tell you the truth. :)
kotaro91 2 years ago
huh. didn't know you have an account here :/
ImpAsmodeus 3 years ago
love your works with impmon in themmm :3
Ardrich_Keybus 3 years ago
Love Renamon and love your work. :}
GeneralScales 4 years ago hey here's a story that i wrote that i think you'll like, it was based on two of your pics krystal gangbang that you posted here and poor krystal 1 you posted on furaffintity. i would love to hear your comments on the story. Thank you.