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About Sindal
Um, hi there

I'm sindal, but you all can call me sin if ya like.
I'm just a furry writer, thats all I really have to say.
If someone asks I'd write a story for em, not saying I'll do it the best, but I'll try anyway. (Unless it's transformations or rape, cause that ain't my scene)
Also, if there's anyone out there willing to draw a free fursona for me, give me a shout, I'm useless at drawing.

I hope you guys like my stories and all
species Angel Snow Leopard
gender male
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Latest Journal posted 06 Feb 2014

I'mma start trying to be more alive on this place, and stuff

So eyes out for stuff i do i guess, and i thank you for your patience and attention

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by Sindal    5 months ago    
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by Sindal    2 years ago    
Pull the trigger
by Sindal    2 years ago    

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Io 1 year ago
Hoowl's! Just drop by to see what's up whit you, I hope your doing fine & in good health, drop me some lines if you can, take care *Hugs & Licks* ^__^
Sindal 2 months ago
*Drops a line on you*
Io 2 months ago
Woooof! XP
Sindal 2 months ago
why are you like, hyper positive mandude
Io 2 months ago
Just for the Supreme Insaneness' of doing what I want & getting away whit it! XP
Sindal 2 months ago
U vandal
Io 2 months ago
I'm that & more, sorry if you just found out. XP
Sindal 2 months ago
You better be sorry
Io 2 months ago
Make me. >; P
morhlis 2 years ago
Thanks a ton for the +Watch :)
CharelsMaxwell 2 years ago
Awws well I just wanted to say that you are one of my favorite writers on this site and we need more good work from writers like you instead of the plain smut that is pushed out every second
CharelsMaxwell 2 years ago
Hi Sindal I hope you haven't given up on us.
Io 3 years ago
Hey there, just drop by to see if your doing fine & well, drop me some lines if you can, take care & be safe, *Hugs & Nuzzlez*
Ghost Wolf 3 years ago

I can't remember how to submit things here...
Io 4 years ago
Hey, LOOK OUT BELOW! *Pounces & Hugs* it's ben some time that I have not heard from you I hope you fine & in good health & you boyfriend, take care & drop me a line or two if you can, bye. ^__^
Sindal 4 years ago
Well that depends, how long a line do you need? XD
It\'s nice to see you too,

And I don't have a boyfriend anymore. And before you say anthung it wasn't sad, we're still good friends.

darkgoose 4 years ago
thanks a lot for the watching! <3 X3 *lick lick*
kokushi 4 years ago
Thanks for the watch!
Solarian 4 years ago
You have some fantastic stories, I've read up to chapter 3 of your 'Knight in Shining Armor' but i'm pooped from reading so much. ^_^