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Real Life: Well other then being here I listen to my music play list on youtube. Spend my time also on Kongregate free game site. If you ever check it out I have the same name on the site. Love watching NHL-Buffalo Sabres, NFL-Buffalo Bills, AHL-Rochester American's.

Furry Life: I am a Dragon who is from an ancient clan of the dragon race. The clan I am from original name has been lost to time. We were called White Dragon clan by a dragon elder about 500 years ago. My family was slaughtered by a rival clan wanting our hunting grounds. I survived only by the skin of my teeth since I was hunting out by myself that day. Wanted revenge but knew that wouldn't accomplish anything, so I left the area for good. Came across a wizard who was kind enough to take me in and teach me the ways of magic. Found a place to live on the shore line and only 1 other person knows about and she wants her name kept a secret and I keep my word. Have a several scars over my body from battles with evil in all forms. Human clans have tried to take me down from time to time with no luck. Though some human clans see me as a friend and not an enemy. But by in large they leave me alone.
1 thing I will not tolerate at all are bullies in any form. If I see you messing with those who can not defend themselves you will have to deal with me. And I say this respect those and treat them the same way you want to be treated.

Avatars: White Dragon is my fursona

Female Dragon: Mother/Lover- deceased

Black/Purple Dragon: Herm, Sister/Lover-Deceased

Multi-Colored Dragon: Lord Darksun and Great Grand Father. His human lover his Mistress and my Great Grand Mother- both deceased

Black Dragon Red Wings: Father/lover -deceased

Red Dragon: Brother/Lover -deceased

species Dragon
gender male
loves 3D, 69, ACEO 3 submissions 3,009 page views 59 comments received 7,198 comments posted 23,223 profile views
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Latest Journal posted 24 Dec 2011

My mom is in a lot of pain. Her 11th rib is causing her a lot of problems and now she has a 2nd kidney stone

Well my mom is fine physically but still in pain so she has to go see a pyschitrist. Dec 4th held and watch our beloved family cat named DJ die.


Well my mom has been dealing with Diabetic Neropathy the past year

Sorry for not being around a bit more but mom broke her hip a few weeks ago and is in a nursing home to rehab it Mom came home friday and was very busy the past week prior to her getting home, had to add extra railings and grab bars so she can go up and down the stairs safer. Both legs are now dropped foot due to her Neropathy.

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